03 Apr 2017

Rejection Proofing for BDRs/SDRs

Who can benefit most from rejection proofing?

The people on the front lines of rejection.

People in outbound calling sales positions (BDR). These people are the unsung heroes of sales. They are the first responder and receivers of rejection. They are actually the most responsible and visible support of any company.

As I’ve worked with teams who are responsible for making 100 calls a day. It’s impossible to turn all 100 calls into a future meeting or sale. Each call has the potential for research in mapping and “are we a fit?”

Hang ups, rudeness, anger are common responses. We cannot control when these responses happen, but we can control how we feel about it.

A rejection proof shield built in the subconscious can deflect and minimize the effects of these responses. In turn, the subconscious will support the conscious mind to logically realize that this rejection is not personal.

The common complaints that hit harder and deeper into the subconscious are the ones we can actually control!
I feel like I might be annoying them
I get embarrassed when…
I feel scared when…
I feel rejected when I hear…
I don’t like the feeling of asking

Why can we control this? We are allowing these responses to hit harder and deeper. Rejection hits hard and deep when emotions from previous rejection (usually in other areas of life) have subconsciously connected to the current rejection of sales calls.

How do we control this? Through subconscious conditioning, the subconscious will learn to detach emotions that do not deserve to be attached to a sales call.

Any given person has felt rejection from peers, a competitive sport, love relationship and so on…In the subconscious mind…rejection is rejection. It’s a known negative feeling.

If the subconscious mind has not learned to categorize levels of rejection. The rejection of a love relationship can carry the same weight as rejection in a sport and the same weight as rejection in a sales call.

It’s our own connections of emotions that we subconsciously connect with just a phone call. 99.9% of receivers on the other call do not have a goal of embarrassing, scaring, or being annoyed by a sales call.

More importantly they don’t have the power to do that unless we give them the power.

Here’s what’s interesting. Sales is part of a wide range of employment in the service industry.

Asking people to spend money is the name of the game.

Take a brain commercial and Play the rejection game with me.

Rate your level of rejection 1-10 when you hear “no”:

If you are a hotel reservationist asking a customer if they want an upgrade in hotel room

If you’re a bartender asking a customer if they want water

You’re a waiter asking a customer if they want the “catch of the day fish” for dinner

If your hair stylist/barber can’t fit you in for an last minute appointment 1-10?

90% of BDR sales reps scored most of the above rejection incidents at a 3 and below. At the same time, 90% of BDR sales reps scored rejection from a sales call at 5 or higher.

Logically, this does not make sense. They are all “no’s” from strangers. Technically, All rejection from strangers should rate at a 3 or below.

IF you can consciously and logically rid yourself of connecting past rejection with a sales call; increased calls and sales are in your near future.

IF you need help disconnecting emotions from sales calls, or still feel residual negative effects of rejection. You’re with the majority of BDR sales reps.

With subconscious conditioning for rejection proofing:
-we disconnect the emotions that don’t match the rejection
-build a rejection proof shield to deflect future rejection
-build stronger pathways to focus/absorb the  positives of a sales call

*On your next brain commercial break, be the rejector in the rejection game. You’re the person saying “no”. Rate the impact of the “no”  you project towards the person asking. Most of you will say ZERO and will probably even throw in a “No, Thank you”.

This should be enough proof to you that most people do not have an intent to make you the caller feel rejected.